Speed Test Pro

Jujuba Software Speed Test Pro Modern UI app for Windows 8 provides you with a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring PC performance.  Speed Test Pro measures the speed of your PC’s main components including system storage, memory, central processing unit (CPU), and the graphics processing unit (GPU).

  • Speed Test Pro offers a user-friendly interface which provides an easy view of the test results for all four PC components.  The interface includes a benchmark window which provides a view of the speed measurements for each element.
  • The Disk Test feature offers two test modes which include read and write.
  • The CPU Test displays results in three modes which include single-threaded, multi-threaded, and threads.
  • Speed Test Pro also conducts a RAM (Random Access Memory) test which helps you to monitor the speed of the main RAM for your PC.
  • The Speed Test Pro GPU Test computes the speed of your graphics processing unit.
  • The Benchmark feature on the interface provides you with speed measurement in accordance with the date and time.
  • Speed Test Pro is particularly useful on ARM-based Windows RT devices that lack benchmarking utilities.
  • The Speed Test Pro app is available in the English language.
  • Download size for the Speed Test Pro app is 379KB.
  • Speed Test Pro supports x86, x64, and ARM platforms.
  • Jujuba Software offers complete tech support for the Speed Test Pro app.
  • We are always open to user feedback. If you have any thoughts about the app – let us know and we will make sure that the next version will always be better than the current.

You can email your feedback and comments to us by writing to [email protected].

Click here for Speed Test Pro technical support.

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