Unpacker is a versatile app that allows extracting compressed files from archives, disk images and other storage formats.

Unpacker supports a broad range of formats new and old:

  • ZIP – the most commonly used archive format in existence
  • RAR – the most versatile and one of the best formats in terms of compression ratios
  • GZip and TAR – golden standard for file compression in Linux
  • BZ2 – GZip’s more powerful cousin
  • ARJ – an old favorite
  • ISO and DMG disk images
  • and many many others.

By default, Unpacker extracts files into Downloads directory, but other locations can also be specified.

Unpacker can open files directly from Microsoft Skydrive, without the need to download them locally first. This can be very handy on tablet devices with limited storage.

Click here for Unpacker technical support.

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