Currency Converter

The Currency Converter Modern UI app for Windows 8 allows you to calculate accurate currency conversion rates between any two currencies.  By using the Currency Converter, you are assured of getting the latest currency conversion rates along with the capability to monitor rates using a diverse set of methods.

  • Currency Converter allows you to view currency conversions at a glance using the Currency Exchange Rate interface which allows you to view any pair of currencies.
  • By using the convenient pull down menu you can easily select the currency you have and the current you want to convert to.  There is also an entry box where you can enter the amount you want to convert.
  • Simply click on the Quote button to quickly calculate currency conversion.
  • You can view currency conversions using the easy view charts which provide you with up-to-the-minute information on currencies including the date and time.
  • Currency Converter is customizable to allow you to configure the currency conversion you frequently use.
  • Use the Snapped View for fast access to the latest currency rates with an easy to view toolbar on the app screen.
  • The Live Tile feature allows you to view currency rates directly from the Start screen in Windows 8.
  • Currency Converter is easy to use with a straightforward interface you can begin using right away.
  • The Currency Converter app is available in the English language.
  • Download size for Currency Converter is 3MB.
  • Currency Converter supports x86, x64, and ARM platforms.
  • Jujuba Software provides tech support for the Currency Converter app.
  • We are always open to user feedback. If you have any thoughts about the app – let us know and we will make sure that the next version will always be better than the current.

You can email your feedback and comments to us by writing to [email protected].

Click here for Currency Converter technical support.

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