Flashlight+ Modern UI app for Windows 8 is more than just a conventional flashlight app.  Instead, Flashlight+ offers more options by providing intuitive controls on the toolbar to customize the app for different purposes.

  • Flashlight+ is a free app which functions as a safety tool in addition to offering a variety of different uses.
  • You get access to a safety light in addition to millions of possible flashlight colors which provide a versatile array of functions.
  • An intuitive interface provides you with safety light functions on the top toolbar and a bottom toolbar that offers a variety of functions including a Mood Lamp.
  • The safety light functions on the top toolbar allow you to send Morse code signals similar to an SOS light.  You simply enter the code you want to communicate and then click the Start button.  There is also a looping feature which can be activated simply by placing a check mark in the box next to Loop.
  • The bottom toolbar offers light adjustment features which include brightness, saturation, and color.  This allows you to create millions of different color combinations by simply adjusting the brightness level and then working with the saturation tool.
  • The Color Display provides you with a rainbow of colors to choose from including customization.  Once you are finished creating custom colors and you want to change the effect, you can use the Reset button to start over.
  • The Mood Lamp feature allows you to use Flashlight+ as a mood lamp which produces serene colorations.
  • Flashlight+ is offered in the English language.
  • Download size for Flashlight+ is 22KB.
  • Flashlight+ supports the x86, x64, and ARM platforms.
  • We are always open to user feedback. If you have any thoughts about the app – let us know and we will make sure that the next version will always be better than the current.

You can email your feedback and comments to us by writing to [email protected].

Click here for Flashlight+ technical support.

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