Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

Jujuba Software Periodic Table of Chemical Elements Modern UI app for Windows 8 provides the interactive tools you need to explore a comprehensive table of chemical elements and their properties.  All chemical elements displayed in the app are current and allow you to easily find properties such as heat specific, modulus bulk, boiling point, density, melting point, and many more.

  • Select element classifications by type or by the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) Red Book groupings according to the IUPAC recommendations on inorganic chemical nomenclature.
  • Switch to the Electron Affinity screen and view the electron affinity values which range from a low of 0 up to 349.  The ranges are easily viewed by a convenient yellow and green display of colors.
  • Switch to the Orbital screen to discover information about atoms and where their electrons can be found.
  • The Isotopes screen allows you to easily access information on atomic composition and number of neutrons and protons.  You can also view specifics such as mass, binding energy, abundance, half-life, decay width, and decay type.
  • Use the convenient icons to easily switch the periodic table between the properties, orbitals, and isotopes view.
  • The Periodic Table of Elements app is available in the English language.
  • Download size the Periodic Table of Elements app is 748KB.
  • The Periodic Table of Elements app supports x86, x64, and ARM platforms.
  • Jujuba Software offers complete tech support for the Periodic Table of Elements app.
  • We are always open to user feedback. If you have any thoughts about the app – let us know and we will make sure that the next version will always be better than the current.

You can email your feedback and comments to us by writing to  [email protected].

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