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I’m trying to open a compressed file from Mail attachment and nothing happens. What should I do?

It is was a known issue with Unpacker If you downloaded Unpacker before November 8th, 2012, you may have that version. Installing an update from Windows 8 App store will fix this issue

Please note that if you received a multi-volume archive (…part1.rar, …part2.rar, .r01, 001, 002, etc) you will still need to save all volumes to the disk before unpacking, even if all of them are attached to the same email.

When will Unpacker become available on Microsoft Surface and other ARM based Windows RT devices?

We’re currently doing final testing of the ARM version. It should be available by mid-November 2012. Stay tuned!

Why do some files fail to extract?

Not all file and directory names that can be found in archives are legal in Windows. For example, creating a file or directory named, aux, com1, com2, etc is impossible because these names are reserved for the system. If you are having trouble extracting files from otherwise valid archive – try setting Path Handing to “ignore” and see if that helps.

Does Unpacker support file extension ***?

Here’s a full list of currently supported file extensions: .7z, .arj, .bz2, .bzip2, .tbz2, .tbz, .cab, .chi, .chq, .chw, .hxs, .hxi, .hxr, .hxq, .hxw, .lit, .cpio, .cramfs, .deb, .dmg, .fat, .img, .flv, .gz, .gzip, .tgz, .tpz, .hfs, .iso, .lzh, .lha, .lzma, .lzma86, .mbr, .ntfs, .pmd, .rar, .r00, .rpm, .squashfs, .swf, .tar, .vhd, .wim, .swm, .xar, .xz, .txz, .z, .taz, .zip, .jar, .xpi

I have problems opening a file in a format that is listed as supported. Please help.

If your file doesn’t contain any confidential or personal information that you wouldn’t like to share, you can email us the file in question and we’ll investigate and hopefully update Unpacker so that it supports broadest range of formats possible.

I’m still having trouble with Unpacker or have some other question/suggestion?

We are always interested in user feedback. Please use comment form below to contact us or email us at [email protected]

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  1. How do I handle files that are password protected? I am on a surface tablet and attempting to open a .rar file that is password protected.

    1. Anthony,

      Our app currently doesn’t support password protected files. This feature is planned for the next release which is due in a couple of weeks.

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